Working together with our dentists to create the healthiest smiles for your patients is the ultimate goal of Artistic Dental Lab, LLC. Take a look at our available dental restorations, which include PFMs, inlays, onlays, zirconia, eMax, and all metal restorations.


Ceramic to Metal

Porcelain fused to metal dental crowns, more commonly known as PFMs, have a metal shell that's a fused veneer of porcelain in a high heat oven. The metal has a strong compression and the porcelain gives the crown the natural, white tooth-like appearance that patients desire.


Ceramic Without Metal/Metal Free

We offer full contour zirconia, which is incredible translucent and require no porcelain build-up. They can be stained, glazed and sent back to your office. This material is ideal for thin bridges and crowns, which will help perserve the patient's natural tooth.


Cast Crown

We offer cast crowns, which offer longevity, functional success for the patient, and an incredible and comfortable fit to their smile. Our crowns resist corrosion, oxidation, and plaque accumulation. Our full-cast crowns are made from alloys formulated for gold crowns, inlays, onlays, and bridges.



Looking for a new option for posterior restorations? Look no further than BruxZir® Solid Zirconia Crowns! Your patients will be provided with strong and long-lasting all-ceramic crowns without metal restorations. There is no porcelain overlay - BruxZir is a full contoured zirconia crown or bridge.



Our crowns and bridges that are milled with Zirlux full counter zirconia are over 25% more translucent than traditional zirconia material. They require no porcelain build-up, can be stained, glazed, and sent back to you. Ideal for thin crowns and bridges, which will help preserve your patient's natural tooth.



IPS e.Max layered offers high translucency and the esthetic that patients look for when it comes to dental restorations. These can be fabricated layered or full contour. Traditional porcelain-fused-to-crowns may chip and cause the restoration to fail, but our full contour crowns will not! They give the natural presentation that smiles deserve.



Procera® is an incredibly strong all-ceramic material with improved esthetics, making it ideal for both anterior and posterior applications.

- Indications: Single units, bridges up to 6 units, implants, hypoallergenic, dark preps

- Contraindications: Long-span bridges over 6 units, bevel or feather preps

- Preferred shade guide: Vita Classic, Vita 3D